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Pick & Pack

Pick and Pack is a process used in warehouses and distribution centers to fulfill customer and business orders. Simplified, it is a process that involves receiving and order through a warehouse management system or other digital means, picking that order from the physical inventory, packaging the items, and finally it is shipped to the business or customer it is intended for.  Typically, a sizable portion of this process is automated using EDI systems, barcode scanners, and automated retrieval systems.

Pick and Pack

At KAIN Logistics, we have perfected the pick and pack process by understanding our customer needs and streamlining our processes. Our warehousing team has experience with this process thanks to the eCommerce boom of 2020. We can guarantee that our team upholds the highest standards for pick and pack ensuring that your orders are accurate, timely, and customized to meet your business needs. We collaborate with clients such as Costco, Walmart, and Amazon which allows us to understand the strict requirements of these retailers.

Key elements we follow in Industrial Fulfillment:

Our facility utilizes an advanced warehouse management software to track and manage orders to optimize your inventory while adhering to FIFO. We also work closely with major distributors such as FedEx and UPS to ensure your packages arrive to their destination on time. The combined effectiveness of our team, software, storage solutions and distribution network allow us to do the following:

  • Increase the efficiency and accuracy of your products supply chain
  • Break down packages to pick specific items
  • Build new cartons, packages, pallets, etc. to meet the specific requirements of individual orders
  • Organize both B2B and B2C shipping with our carrier partners

For information on how KAIN Logistics can meet your Southern Ontario and North American Pick and pack need please inquire today.