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De-Stuffing Containers

Container De-stuffing is a process that removes cargo from a shipping container. This can be done directly at the port but is most often completed at a warehouse or distribution center where the product counts are verified and organized before heading to their next destination.


What is Container De-stuffing?

Warehouses such as KAIN Logistics will inspect and verify the cargo while notifying you of any discrepancies or damage. When done correctly, container de-stuffing is a crucial step in the logistics process by allowing for the efficient movement of goods.

At KAIN Logistics, our warehousing team provides container de-stuffing (stripping or devanning) services for businesses operating in or looking to expand within Southern Ontario. We can accommodate most de-stuffing needs ranging from palletized shipments to floor loaded products. Our staff will safely offload inventory, scan for damages, palletize or store products as needed.

Our facility is equipped with multiple modern docking stations that can accommodate your container de-stuffing needs. There are several benefits of utilizing KAIN Logistics for de-stuffing such as:

  • Increased Efficiency – Our warehouse location in Southern Ontario reduces travel time from land, air, and seaports in the GTA helping you save money and time on shipping and transportation.
  • Foreign Contaminants – Our warehousing team will conduct container inspections utilizing the CTPAT guidelines for containers. Before a container is opened on site, our team will conduct a CTPAT 7-point inspection that involves checking the following items: container seal, inside and outside doors, front wall, left side, right side, ceiling and roof, and the floor and undercarriage.
  • Software Utilization – Our advanced warehouse management software can be utilized to cross reference quantities and SKUs of container products. This ensures that expected products and counts are accurate with timely updates. Our team is quick to notify clients on any discrepancies with their containers.
  • Improved Cargo Handling – By having our team de-stuff containers, you can rest assured that our team will safely handle your products reducing damage or loss to valuable goods.
For more information on how KAIN Logistics can meet your de-stuffing and warehousing requirements in Southern Ontario, please contact us today. For more information on the specifics of the CTPAT inspection process, click here.