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3PL Warehouse Racking

Warehouse racking is a storage structure used in warehouses and distribution centers to store various materials and products.


What is Warehouse Racking?

At KAIN Logistics we have utilized a modern multi-level steel structure that can accommodate 2500lbs per pallet space. Racking systems such as ours make efficient use of space while making easy to access and move products within the warehouse.

KAIN Logistics is committed to providing all 3PL clients with the correct warehouse storage solutions that meet their product needs. As a result, KAIN Logistics has invested heavily in state-of-the-art racking solutions that effectively serve all 3PL warehousing clients from industrial to ecommerce fulfillment, with more racking expansions planned to accommodate our growing future client needs.

For products that cannot be stacked or simply need to be off the floor, we have thousands of racking spots available to accommodate a wide variety of needs. By exploring KAIN Logistics’ racking solutions, there is a large array of benefits our racking provides to our customers.

  • Easy and immediate access for Ecommerce fulfillment
  • Ideal for FIFO warehousing requirements
  • Simplifies inventory counts due to pallet barcode and tracking visibility (asset tagging)
  • Reduces likelihood of damaged or misplaced goods within the facility
  • Wide forklift aisles to ensure safe and easy access

For more information on how our Southern Ontario Racking Solutions can meet your business needs, please inquire today.